Greengage announces acquisition of consultancy group Silver Lined Solutions

Strengthens core IT architecture and delivers new client-focused solutions

London, 19 April 2022: Greengage, a fully-integrated financial services group aspiring to bridging traditional fiat currency banking services with the emerging digital asset sector, today announced its acquisition of Silver Lined Solutions Limited (SLS). SLS is one of the most highly rated Salesforce consultancy partners in the financial services space and has been actively engaged in building a differentiated core IT architecture for Greengage. Silver Lined Solutions will now be rebranded as Greengage Solutions Ltd (GGS).

As a fintech specialist practice, SLS has developed key components to support Greengage in deploying its native risk management, compliance, HR and customer support solutions. Linked to a consolidated Enterprise Management System, these tools provide real-time, efficient solutions which deliver a high-touch customer experience.

As well as strengthening its core IT architecture, Greengage will continue to consolidate and drive forward SLS’s capabilities as a leading consultancy partner and Software as a Service (“SaaS”) provider in the financial services industry.

Commenting on the investment, Greengage CEO, Sean Kiernan said: “We are delighted to expand our technology portfolio, as well as to integrate Silver Lined Solutions and its 10 years of financial services software expertise into Greengage’s in-house offering. This acquisition gives us the opportunity to provide innovative new digital services to our clients who are looking to experience a new generation of banking services that meet the needs of entrepreneurs in a digital age.”

Silver Lined Solutions CEO, Mark Pickering added: “We are excited to become part of Greengage to support their internal IT infrastructure and develop new service offerings for clients. We relish the opportunity to be part of a fast-growing and innovative player providing banking services at the intersection of traditional and decentralised finance markets.”

About Greengage

Greengage is the first fully integrated financial services group bridging traditional fiat currency banking services and trading with the emerging digital asset and cryptocurrency sector. It plans to become the first merchant bank for the digital finance sector, with its mission to be the premier, trusted and secure platform, providing access to the traditional, digital and crypto economy.

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About Silver Lined Solutions

Silver Lined Solutions has been a partner since 2011 and has grown into one of the most highly rated consultancy partners in the financial services space. The company delivers innovative IT solutions via an agile strategy enabling great value for money with no compromise to the ultimate solution. Silver Lined has implemented and integrated many disparate systems in the past and continues to utilise this hard earned knowledge in today's cloud connected environment.

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