Touchstone for Salesforce

Touchstone is the UK’s leading provider of strategic intermediary intelligence to financial product providers, delivering powerful benefits to its users. It operates a shared investment product data exchange with information provided by over 90 of the UK’s leading financial services companies covering the life company, fund management, platform and mortgage markets.

Strategic intermediary intelligence to financial product providers.
Touchstone for Salesforce brings the benefits of both systems together in one place.
In partnership with Equifax we have developed a unique Salesforce package which provides account managers with instant insight into whether they are gaining or losing market share and what sales their intermediary clients are making. They can also find new people working at their firm who they don’t currently know about.
Touchstone for Salesforce leverages a company’s investment in both systems by embedding a view of sales, market share and other insight into their day-to-day CRM system.

This enables sales professionals to:

  • See the types of products Financial Intermediaries are implementing in their client solutions.
  • Know whether the Intermediary is expanding or contracting in terms of sales volumes and values.
  • Understand whether the Intermediary is implementing more or less of their own products within their client solutions.
  • Identify whether their market share is increasing or decreasing.
  • See if there are Registered Individuals working at the firm that are not currently on the CRM system.
  • Launch full Touchstone from within Salesforce without the need to log in again.
  • Search Touchstone to screen prospects before following up leads.